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"I decided to trust The Publish Hub with my project because they completely and totally understand and appreciate how much of your heart and soul goes into to your book idea." 

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Welcome to The Publish Hub

With many years of experience in the industry, we are an exciting new independent company, run by skilled, best-selling authors. We are just like you. Hard-working, motivated and passionate about our writing. Having been on the same journey that you are about to begin, we know the pitfalls and want to help you succeed. The Publish Hub is a turnkey publishing service to enable you to publish your treasured work.

You have a manuscript and you yearn to see it published? What’s stopping you?

·      No capital to finance the process in a lump sum?

·      You don’t know where to begin?

·      Just want to write and not worry about the technical stuff?

·      Need support from mentors who have been there?

‘I really want to get published but I can’t afford to do it.” 

Sound familiar? 

Initially, give us a call and talk to us about your work. We will happily read your manuscript and give you a free and honest appraisal. If you want to work with us, you can cherry pick what service you need, then choose the package you want. A payment plan is also an option. Every author is individual and has their own publishing requirement.

There is no pressure. We work at your pace. You can fast-forward the process or take your time. It’s your call. But we will support you all the way.

If your manuscript is written, you’re ready to go! Let’s arrange a call and chat about your next step.

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