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It is essential that you have a professional look at your work, no matter how good you think your writing is. One of our team remembers self-publishing their first work:

“I was so thrilled to have completed my first manuscript and couldn’t wait to get it on a publishing platform. I had my family check over it for errors and they said it was fine. A friend designed the cover and I thought is was great. It took me forever to work out the format to upload and meet all the specifications, it was a mine-field and very complicated but when I pressed the ‘publish’ button, I felt elated. My elation was short-loved however when reviewers left comments stating, ‘poor punctuation’ and ‘many typos’ and ‘cover misleading’ etc. Despite readers loving the story, the poor presentation really let me down. It was a hard lesson to learn because you can’t get rid of those reviews – they stay on the publishing platform forever.”

It’s not hard to identify this author's mistakes is it? 

Working with you, we will study the structure of your work and make sure that it flows, makes sense, has correct timelines and continuity. We will check for spelling, word choice and punctuation. We will be objective and help you as much as possible without changing the essence of your work. Editing is time-consuming and requires a professional.

The Publish Hub Editorial Services come with skills that ensure that together we deliver a high-quality work. 


You’ve written a great book, and this deserves a great cover. A terrific cover will tell the reader that the contents are likely to be good. Our designers will work with you to ensure that your book has ‘shelf-appeal’ because the cover is your main marketing tool and needs to shout, ‘Buy Me!’

The interior layout of your book is equally important, and we will ensure it is of a high standard and ready for you to sign off when you are completely happy.


Many authors begin their publishing journey with an e-book of their work. With more and more people reading on their phone or tablet, the e-book market will continue to grow. You may decide that you want your book in both print, audible and e-book format and we will discuss what is best for you.


Marketing can be a minefield too and many people tell us that it is the worst part of being an author. But marketing and social media are crucial to the success of your work. We can assist you with this. 

Our marketing team are experts in digital marketing and SEO optimisation.

We can help you with social media.

We can make your promotional book trailers/video

We can help you with PR

We can build your website.

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