'Each member of the team has been very helpful and have really listened to my vision. They treated my project as if it were their own. I would definitely recommend Publish Hub" 

Author review

Why choose The Publish Hub?

The Publish Hub is not a faceless company trying to make money out of you. In addition to our experienced business managers, our team consists of both traditional and independent authors. Just like you, we've been there, we've done it. We know what it feels like to write a manuscript and dream of seeing it in print or as an ebook. But upfront costs have often held us back. With The Publish Hub you have the choice:

No large upfront costs.

There are many companies available that will offer great services, just like ourselves, but we believe that we are unique by not charging you a big upfront fee. Instead, you can choose a payment plan to suit your budget and we will start work with you as soon as you sign up. 

Cherry pick the service you want.

Only need an edit or proof read? We will select the appropriate skilled professional to work with you. Perhaps you just want a cover designed? Whatever your requirement, you can trust us to team you up harmoniously.

What happens now?

So you've written your book...

Are you wondering how to edit, proof-read, design, produce, format, convert, print, market, promote and distribute your work? 

It sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? Here at The Publish Hub we act as your publishing partner and will bring your project to the reading public, at a price you can afford. We want you to enjoy a professional process whilst retaining full control through all stages of production. 

Once you're ready to publish, you can choose to publish yourself or we will help you sell your book through our distribution services, which will enable your work to be seen by potential customers and all the royalties from the publishing platform, will go to you. 

From page to publication, we are with you all the way.





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